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Some benefits of TimePayment leasing:

TimePayment Leases to Companies.

We only offer commercial leases to companies and organizations.  Many customers will have an answer within seconds of applying. Click on the large green icon to start the process or give Amjo a call at 513-885-0440 or perhaps send an email to support@amjo.net

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Convenience and Ease

Complete the application, and often, this is all we need for an approval. In most cases, banks will require customers to submit corporate tax returns for three consecutive years. It is a fact that up to 90% of small businesses would not qualify for a bank loan because they fail to show profits. Financing with TimePayment is quick and easy. Most customers will have an answer within seconds of applying.

Reduced Risk

The only collateral pledged is the equipment being financed. Most banks require the security of a major asset (personal residence, building, business etc.) when obtaining a bank loan.

Smaller Down Payment

TimePayment does not require a large down payment, while conventional bank loans may require up to 40% of loan amount.


TimePayment Resources affords you flexible options at the end of the finance agreement. The equipment can be purchased at a pre-set price, fair market value or returned.

Tax Advantages

Your payments will be tax deductible and written off as an operating lease. A bank loan does not offer this feature. Talk to your accountant for tax advice..