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Curatron Probe

The Curatron Probe was developed last year to provide deep penetration in small areas. The Curatron probe has been designed for very local PEMF treatment like sinusitis, osteomyelitis of jaw bones, dental work, in short when you are not interested in treatment of the surrounding areas. In addition it is very effective for acupuncture applications and often makes treatment with needles superfluous.

Field Distribution

The probe focuses the energy into a smaller area with out affecting the surrounding tissue. The flat surface of the probe provides high pulsing magnetic intensity of 100 Gauss, 10 mT (10 milli-Tesla).

The Curatron probe has been designed with a unique 3 dimensional focused pulsing magnetic field, with the highest energy density concentrated immediately in front of the probe. The picture above shows the magnetic energy distribution where the strongest field is white/yellow decreasing towards blue further away from the probe.

Pictorial of Energy Field

This construction allows for very effective and deep penetration into the body. When used for acupuncture high energy transfer via acupuncture points makes application very effective. Application of the Curatron probe often makes use of needles superfluous, which is very advantageous when treating children and adults who dislike skin penetration by needles. No sterilization is required.

Amjo has been distributing the Curatron Product Line for over ten years and without a doubt is the most knowledgeable group in the USA for the Curatron product line.

Our main website for the Curatron is www.Curatron.com

The probe is not a stand alone product, it is an “applicator” for the Curatron 2000 HT (Home Therarapy) System of for our C-2000 XP and PC systems.

The probe can be ordered on-line for the 2000HT, XP and PC at: