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While using it, I noticed I seemed to be more positive minded

I tried the Curatron myself 4-5 days/week for two months last October and November.  While using it, I noticed I seemed to be more positive minded, and felt temporarily “better” in a difficult to define way.  I theorized that the communication pathways in my body were being unblocked, and perhaps this accounted for my feeling less discouraged, more encouraged, and more that things are going to work out okay.
Criss, USA

So I decided to go for the real thing, ordered the Curatron 3D and my life has changed a lot since then.

I ordered the Curatron PEMF device because I’m highly electrical sensitive (I get different sensations of pain in my body depending on the frequencies I encounter) and with all the wireless stuff up these days life became quite painful.. I’d read a lot about how to overcome this, even started a course in unified physics to get a better understanding of the mechanisms involved. There is a lot of stuff on the market for these kind of problems (and lot’s of ‘woo-woo’) but nothing that really helped me. Then after reading a lot decided to buy the sleep tech device (earthpulse) and especially the Schumann frequency was a real relieve but very local and I felt I still came short somehow. So I decided to go for the real thing, ordered the Curatron 3D and my life has changed a lot since then. To start it feels amazing to be on it and love the sensations of the different programmes – for instance the liver resonance also gives me sensations in my thyroid and with the varicose veins I feel the sensations starting as a mist on my skin, then small tingling just under the skin, then moving deeper to the bigger veins and in the end the large veins in my torso and could even feel it move into my hearth. That was quite amazing.

Have also been experimenting a bit with different programmes. 3Hz is one of the more intense frequencies for me for some reason. And have been doing some experimenting with micro-algae. I’m a biologist and one of my expertises is growing micro-algae and one of the reasons for ordering the pad is that it’s easier for me to take with me and of course the strength of the field it generates. Another reason is that there is a sort of ripple-effect of me having this device: everybody that visits, family, friends, are welcome to try and I’m not a doctor but with this beautiful and mild therapy I have available for free just in my home for people that need it is really something that makes me happy. Most come for the bursitis programme but I’ve also for instance had a lady with thyroid problems – so put her on metabolic deficiencies and besides her having more energy she cried literally for 2 days because also emotionally it got things moving for her which makes a lot of sense to me since all is electromagnetic in essence anyway.

Well, this is maybe a bit long answer to your question but during the short time I’ve had the device I’ve seen a lot and felt a lot myself. Personally my life changed from unlivable to being able to go anywhere and do anything again and being a single mam that’s quite a relief.
So.. this device is highly, highly, highly recommended.

A Happy Physiotherapist with Her Curaton

Testimonial Medical Doctor after purchase of Curatron system. A new physiotherapy practice is offering treatments unique in the area. Joanne Wraight’s Mid Suffolk Physiotherapy, Stowmarket, United Kingdom, offers a variety of treatments including massage, exercise and mobilizations. I also use specialist treatments called Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy and Low Level Laser Therapy. Of course, there are a number of Physiotherapy practices in the area, but the treatment I provide is unique. As far as I am aware, there are only a handful of clinics in the UK that provide this. These treatments are used to effectively treat pain from arthritis but, more interestingly, to accelerate the healing of fractures.

My painful ulcerated athlete’s foot was healed up completely in only one day!

I was very surprised by my personal experience. I am a fervent sportsman and train daily but often suffer from painful ulceration on my feet, for which I use sometimes some ointment. After a long company holiday in January I returned to our freezing office and could not endure that my feet were numbed with the cold. At last I brought the Curatron into my office and put the pad under my feet and switched it on. For a while my feet were warmed and became comfortable. When I came home in the evening and took off my socks I was very surprised and could not believe it: my painful ulcerated athlete’s foot was healed up completely in only one day! Thank you Curatronic!

(Webmasters Note: Each of us is different and we respond differently to PEMF and many other treatments. We cannot say that this is a typical response from a single treatment.)

The back problem I have had for 7 years has been cured…

The Curatron machine is just wonderful and amazing. As a therapist who always tries new products on myself to ascertain how it works, before trying it on patients. The back problem I have had for 7 years has been cured with 5 daily sessions of using the machine. I have had on and off pain in my right sacroiliac joint for seven years, which has been more or less constant in the past year and becomes worse with prolonged walking. I did everything I know to do as a physiotherapist and do get pain relief, but not complete elimination of the pain. I used the Curatron every night before going to sleep for 5 days and the pain is completely gone! For the first time in about 2 years I was able to remain on my feet for 2 hours without needing to sit down in between and take a rest because of the pain in my back.

This is now my second week of being completely pain free and not needing to take any
analgesic for pain and it is not in my head but it is real! It is wonderful. Thank you.