Curatron 2000 Premium Warranty:


  • Three year Premium Warranty on the Curatron 2000 Control Unit (See Note 1)
  • One year warranty on Curatron Applicators including:
    • Treatment Mattresses.
    • Therapy Pads.
    • Probes.
    • High Energy Coils.

Only authorized personnel are allowed to open the machine and/or mattress for repair. Any unauthorized opening of the system voids the warranty according to the stringent repair rules for this type of equipment.

The manufacturer (Curatronic) declines all liability for equipment reliability and safety in the following events:

  • Modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel,
  • Failure of the electrical power installation to comply
  • with UL or IEC standards.
  • Use of system other then specified in the product manual.
  • Damage caused by customer abuse such as damaged cables and plugs and punctures to the pads or applicators.

The system is guaranteed for good workmanship and parts.

  • The Control Box carries a warranty period of 36 months from the date of purchase. (See Note 1)
  • Mattress/Applicators are warranted for 12 months from date of purchase.

Note (1) This premium three year warranty extends to the original purchaser only. Curatronic’s standard warranty is one year from date of sale. At the sole discretion of Curatronic, subsequent owners can purchase warranty coverage beyond the standard one year warranty on the control unit and applicators. Contact your reseller for details. << AMJO CONTACT INFO CLICK HERE >>


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