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I have always disliked MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies and now I have one more reason to dislike them.

I was astounded on May 3rd, that BEMER’s distributor policy does not allow product returns. I learned this from a customer who attempted to cancel his order for a BEMER before he received his unit. He told me that he placed his order for the BEMER over the phone and was offered the opportunity to become a distributor for the BEMER by paying $300.00 more at the time of order. What our prospective customer did not know was that a BEMER distributor does not have the same rights as a BEMER standard end user, the distributor does not have the right to return a product or cancel an undelivered order.

Our customer was proud that he had placed an order for a BEMER and bragged a little to a friend. His friend told him that he might have made an error. He told him that there are systems such as the Curatron available with much higher power and effectiveness. This resulted in a phone call to me, the customer said that he’d call BEMER, cancel the order and place an order with us. To his surprise he learned that he could not cancel his order and also that he would not be permitted to return the unit as he was a distributor.

I guess one really does need to check the fine print.

This post is actually being written on the day I learned of this issue but I have chosen to schedule it’s release on this blog until July 3rd to make sure that our customer and BEMER have a chance to work this out before this gets published.

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