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I received an interesting phone call yesterday from a woman suffering from neurosarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis. She had been in India recently and had received relief from her pain and some symptoms at a clinic where she was treated with a machine made in Japan called an Alpha machine.

With a lot of Google and Yahoo searching I could find nothing about it. If anyone does know what it is, you can email me at chris@cane.com.

We had lots of discussion between she and I and the folks at Curatronic, (the folks who make the Curatron) that we sell at our www.curatron.com website. She ultimately ordered a Curatron 2000 HT as it comes with two pads, one full mattress and a smaller 14“ x 14” therapy pad that she and a friend will be using to help alleviate some ankle and hip pain. The smaller pad does a great job to improve circulation in localized areas which helps with pain reduction from her arthritis.

She’ll be receiving her new system early next week, it will be interesting to see how this works out for her.

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We did receive a nice email from Ms Shaw in which she said:

I am suffering from Neurosarcoidosis. This problem had reached to outside my brain and I was hospitalized. I was very weak and I retired from my work. I was put on Remicade. My life was going down-hill. Then I found out about the Curatron and I started the therapy. Now it is miracle. I am off all the medication and my life is wonderful. My doctor and my friends, when they see me they are surprised to see that how well I am doing.

Some of my friends have come to my house and try the Curatron and they have benefited and planning to buy the machine. Believe me this machine has made my life wonderful.

Regards -U. Shah, Newton MA