FLASH Technology – What is it in PEMF Devices?

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The standard Curatron 2000 Family including the Curatron 2000 HT, Curatron 2000 XP, Curatron 2000 XPSE, Curatron 2000 PC and Curatron 2000 3D are what we call true energy medicine devices. They stimulate the cells in our body in cadence with square wave modulated magnetic wave as opposed to a series of isolated pulses. The Curatron FLASH generates a series of very short electromotive pulses. The pulses momentarily excite the cells and muscles in our bodies. In fact, as one increases the output pulse energy or voltage then we can, and do, in fact, feel each pulse. Our standard Curatron family.

Curatron FLASH

First, an analogy for those of us less technically inclined or perhaps those of us needing a refresher. Modern flash photography uses very similar technology to cause a flash tube to create a burst of light, that we call a flash. Strobe lights are closer to our FLASH technology than one might think. There are two basic parts to a strobe or flash. One is a device called a capacitor that can store energy. Imagine a capacitor to be a bucket on a table. Start pouring water into that bucket (or electrons into a capacitor) and at some point the capacitor or bucket is full. In both cases, we have stored energy.

The second important piece is the switch or control that can tip the bucket, releasing stored energy or perhaps connect the capacitor to flash tube to cause that burst of light. In the case of the Curatron FLASH, the energy stored in that capacitor is dumped into the applicator that we place on our bodies to gain the effect of the high power energy pulse.

It takes time to charge a capacitor and it takes time to fill a bucket. The selection of the accumulator or capacitor is important.

  • It must allow itself to be charged at a rate commensurate with the needs of the system.
  • The capacitor must be able to hold a charge until the switch calls for it to be connected to the load or applicator coil.
  • The capacitor must have a low enough internal resistance or impedance to allow it to discharge quickly into the applicator coil.
  • Then the cycle begins again.


Curatron FLASH Pulse Waveform

This picture shows an electromagnetic pulse measurement, with a laser calibrated Hall sensor. The actual waveform looks quite different and we’ll have an image shortly for you. The maximum intensity of the PEMF pulse generated by the Curatron Flash device into the coil 4000 Gauss.

The maximum intensity of the PEMF pulse generated by the Curatron Flash device into the coil 4000 Gauss.

There are ten built-in programs in the Curatron FLASH The 10 built-in computer controlled programs, as shown in this table, offer superior flexibility including for use as a so-called ringer and oscillating PEMF applications.

The table below shows the program numbers, times and energy levels for the ten built-in. programs.


Curatron FLASH Built In Programs
Program # Time
Gauss micro
0 30 33 200 20,000
1 30 10 500 50,000
2 25 7.83 650 65,000
3 20 5 900 90,000
4 20 2 2000 200,000
5 15 1.3 2700 270,000
6 10 1.1 3000 300,000
7 8 0.9 3350 335,000
8 6 0.76 3600 360,000
9 4 0.67 4000 400,000
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