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FLASH Systems

This website offers both “REALPEMF” and Impulse systems. Make sure that you study our Curaton 2000 systems as well as our FLASH products.  FLASH (Impulse Systems) are best for Acute Pain. One should decide whether they are treating an acute condition or a chronic issue.

Curatron 2000 Systems

Curatron 2000 systems are the optimal choice for CHRONIC issues such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatic Pain.  Visitors should visit our Curatron 2000 Site when chronic pain is the issue.

  • Our FLASH systems are IMPULSE High Peak Power Systems & recommended for acute problems.
  • Our Curatron 2000 Systems have lower peak power but much higher Average Power & recommended for chronic issues.


Understanding Average vs. Peak Power in PEMF Systems

When considering PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) systems, understanding both average and peak power is crucial. They paint distinct pictures of the system’s capabilities and potential impacts.

Peak Power:

    • Represents the highest power output during a single pulse.
    • Think of it as the intensity of the individual “electromagnetic punches” delivered by the system.
    • Can be significantly higher than the average power, sometimes by several orders of magnitude.
    • Important for understanding potential tissue heating effects and ensuring safety limits are not exceeded.

Average Power:

    • Represents the average power output over a certain time period, considering all the pulses combined.
    • Reflects the overall energy delivered by the system.
    • Often used to gauge the treatment intensity and potential therapeutic effects.
    • Calculated by dividing the total energy per pulse by the pulse duration and multiplying by the pulse repetition rate.

Relationship between the two:

        • Pulse duration: Shorter pulses lead to higher peak power for the same average power.
        • Peak power and average power are not independent. Their relationship depends on the system’s specific parameters:
        • Pulse repetition rate: Higher repetition rates increase average power for the same peak power.
        • Duty cycle: This is the ratio of pulse duration to the total period (pulse + off-time). A higher duty cycle contributes to higher average power.

Key Points:

    • Different applications prioritize different aspects:
        • Chronic conditions: Lower peak power with longer average power duration are optimal.
        • Acute pain relief: FLASH system, higher peak power might be used for quicker response.
        • The Curatron 2000 Family of systems is recommended for Chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic Pain, and Fracture Healing.