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My Curatron arrived TODAY! That is incredibly fast. Thank you so much; thanks so much to those people in Israel!!! I have had my first session. It definitely had an effect that was… not bad, probably good, but otherwise hard to describe! I felt relaxed and drowsy, sort of like having been hit by a train–if that could be good–like all my systems were kind of stunned, asking, so what was THAT ? I look forward to continuing.

Also–I want to tell you, as an aside, that I like its design: I like that its small, compact, I like the circle of green dots indicating it’s working, I like the fact that it ends a session with a simple click, and not a beep; I like that the controls are just four buttons. I hope that this gadget and I will be good friends.

Martha D in California

Martha’s website and blog can be found and ocmd.livejournal.com

Editor’s note: It’s not every day that we receive an email from a happy customer so once in a while it’s good to share. All too often today, we forget to say thanks, I know that I’m guilty sometimes of receiving great service and I forget to say thanks because I’m too busy or at least I think I am.

Martha ordered her system and we were out of stock here in Cincinnati (www.curatron.com) so we had to bring one in directly from the factory in Israel. Martha ordered her system the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and she received it, the Monday following the holiday weekend. DHL provide outstanding international service and help us make our customer’s happy.

Martha’s reaction to her first treatment is not unusual. I like to call that initial feeling that one experiences as a from of Euphoria, it’s hard to explain but it does feel good. Not everyone has the same experience, sometimes it takes a week or more before one becomes aware of this new feeling following treatment but it can be quite addictive. Feeling good is a great thing.

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