Curatronic Brands

Curatronic Ltd. in Israel manufactures the Curatron under several brands.


The Curatron Units, Applicators etc are all identical in all brands.

It’s quite Simple

Parmeds Brand = Curatron Brand
Provitacell Brand = Curatron Brand
Truly Heal Brand = Curatron.

With exception of the label, Truly Heal, Provitacell, Parmeds and Curatron brands identical in every respect. Curatronic created the brand “PARMEDS” for one of its customers a while ago. The Truly Heal, Provitacell and Parmeds products are identical in every way with the Curatron 2000 Family. It is no more than an alternate brand for the Curatron 2000. The part numbers or type numbers can be confusing but the products themselves are identical to the Curatron 2000 Units. We have listed for you a cross reference listing that hopefully will make things a little more clear for our visitors. If you need help in deciphering these part numbers, please call us or email us and we’ll straighten it out. If desired, we can ship the products to you with Parmeds labels and part numbers if you prefer.


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