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Optional Programming Software for the Curatron FLASH

(Premium and Ultra Systems)


Curatron FLASH Programming

One of the really cool things about the Curatron FLASH is the optionally available software that will run on a Windows PC. The basic unit “out of the box” has ten built-in programs. These programs are as shown to the right. The built-in programs are always available. However: if you order the PC software then other great stuff becomes available:

In addition to the 10 ready for use programs which come inside the unit the system can also be fully controlled through the USB connection of a PC or Laptop computer with the optional Curatron FLASH Programming software.

  • Therapy pulse frequencies with related intensities and timing for each pulsing stage are under direct command and control of the PC/Laptop program running under Windows.
  • Therapy programs can be freely created by the user and can be saved in your own database and then run fully automatic.
  • User-friendly database for demographic patient data including treatment follow-up.
  • Free notes editing. Maintained on a by patient basis.
  • Full PEMF report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.
  • Our software is bullet proof. Full installation instructions are included.
Curatron FLASH Programming Software  This screenshot was taken while a particular program was running. This is a typical computer screen showing that the Patient is Albert Einstein. The protocol selected is “Pain Protocol 1” and that there are four minutes and 21 seconds remaining for this treatment. You should really plan to order the optional Curatron FLASH Programming software.
Optional Curatron FLASH Programming Software is Available This screenshot is showing the steps you would take to create a protocol for you or your patient.
 You can create patient reports with the optional Curatron FLASH Programming software At the left, you will see a typical patient report, albeit a little rushed as the treatment times are a little short. A real report would list the date, protocol used and the time that the protocol ran for. This will give you, the user or the clinician a record for each client as to the treatments received etc. This can help with therapy selection and of course billing.