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Meet the Curatron Ultra Power 3D

Controlled with sophisticated friendly software on your PC.

Curatron 2000 Ultra-Power 3D

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The only 500 Gauss Full Body System

This is a Clinical State of the Art Curatron System

There is no other PEMF system that delivers up to 500 Gauss or 50 mT [milli-Tesla] over the entire body.
  • Amazingly the pulsed electromagnetic field created with the 3D unit completely envelopes and penetrates the whole body in all 3 axes (length, width and height). This system has been designed for clinical applications where instant results are crucial to both therapist and patient.
Pictured above is the Curatron 2000 Ultra Power 3D with it’s 500 Gauss (50 mT – milli Tesla) Mattress with the Control Unit and Cable. Not shown is the CUSTOMER SUPPLIED PC/Laptop which is needed for full output.


Let’s talk about the 3D field and how it’s created!

flat-coil1 flat-coil2
The picture at the left shows the typical electromagnetic field for one of the flat coils placed inside a therapy mattress. It is easily seen that as one moves away from the coil the magnetic field diminishes. This means that although the pulsing field will completely penetrate the body some “dead” areas will occur as shown in the picture on the right side.

The standard Curatron therapy mattress contains 8 large coils inside, which are all activated at the same time. The Curatron mattress has large coils in order to reduce the “dead” zone effect as much as possible and to obtain as even a spread of PEMFs as technically possible.
In practice the “dead” zone effect has no influence on the efficacy of the treatment because people usually do move around somewhat during treatment. Repeated treatments will eliminate this effect almost completely, because nobody will lie on the mattress in exactly the same way as during previous treatments.

Pictured above is the typical (exaggerated) magnetic fiedl with our standard therapy mattress available with the Curatron 2000 XP or PC. This clearly is not our 3D Mattress. In the above picture the aforementioned effect has purposely been visually exaggerated in order to better understand the principle of the so called “dead” zones.


The Ultra-Power Curatron 3-D system

For instant results during clinical applications, a revolutionary 3-D mattress concept has been developed to work in combination with the Ultra-Power Curatron PC system completely eliminating the “dead” zone effect in combination with ultra high power PEMF’s.


The Curatron 2000 3D Field Distribution
The patient is treated with very powerful PEMF’s, which can be felt easily with the test magnet, even far above the mattress. The patient’s whole body is literally “bathed” completely inside and out by these very strong pulsed electromagnetic fields.
  • The 3-D ultra-power Curatron system is absolutely superior for immediate pain relief and treatment of e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia.
  • The 3-D mattress generates 50 milli Tesla (500 Gauss) simultaneously over the main area of the mattress. This guarantees the highest possible absolute penetration through all tissue, cells and bones deep inside the body because this strong PEMF field is still very powerful 20 inches (50 cm) above the complete mattress area and even beyond!
  • A very effective 3-D whole body treatment is assured and patients have no problem relaxing completely on top of the 3-D mattress.
  • The Ultra-Power Curatron PC unit is able to drive one 50 milli Tesla 3-D mattress or two 25 milli Tesla high power mattresses.
  •  There are two versions of the system: .
    •  System A consists of: Ultra-Power 3-D Curatron PC system One 3-D mattress (50 milli Tesla = 500 Gauss)
    •  System B consists of: Ultra-Power 3-D Curatron PC system Two high power mattresses (each 25 milli Tesla = 250 Gauss)
  • The Ultra-Power Curatron PC unit has 2 outputs for easy connection of 2 applicators working at the same time. Besides the aforementioned applicators also other combinations of professional applicators can be used with the Ultra-Power 3-D Curatron PC system.
  • It is expected that the clinician or user will use this unit under PC control at all times. The PC is not provided by Amjo Corp or Curatronic Ltd.
  • The Control Unit can also be connected to the Standard Mattress, Standard Mat or the High Energy Coils. Performance with those applicators will essentially be the same as that provided by our standard Curatron 2000 PC.

Curatron 2000 3D PDF View


Curatron 2000 3D PDF View

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