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The 14th World Society of Pain Clinician’s Congress was held in Beijing recently and Dr. Ashfakh Ahmed* displayed the results of his study that was done between March of 2006 through March of 2010.

His study objectives were:

    • To prove that knee replacement surgery is not the only option but only the last option

  • To discourage use of excessive pain killer medications to avoid long term complications


In India the vast majority of patients seek medical help at a very late stage, when major damage has been done and became irreversible. First patients consult their family physicians and are on painkillers for a long time. Even in these cases this 150 patients Curatron study shows that very good results are obtained.

Quote Dr. Ahmed: “Before I started using Curatron, I was treating with other modalities, without much success. The patients used to improve only temporarily and return back after sometime and the only solution was knee replacement. Only after the use of Curatron, the results have been great and long term and I have no doubt that Curatron has made all the difference”.



  • 150 Patients (56 male and 94 female) were treated for advanced osteoarthritis of the knee joints.
  • The study was performed between March 2006 and March 2010, with success rates of up-to 95%.


Patients with knee arthritis need not to lead a painful, restricted and compromised life. A safe, non-operative, affordable and very effective treatment is available, even in the presence of cardiac, renal or other systemic diseases.

* Dr. Ahmed is a famous Orthopedic Surgeon in India who has performed numerous knee replacement operations. Dr Ahmed is Medical Director of the Bangalore Wellness Center (where several Curatron PC systems are in use) Consultant at Manipal, Hosmat and Santosh Hospitals, Head of Orthopedic department of Abhaya and Meridian Hospitals and Professor of Orthopedics of the Government of Karnataka, India.