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Plantar Fasciitis is just plain painful (Healing the Heel)

Plantar Fasciitis is just plain painful (Healing the Heel)

This tale is a little old in that I contracted Plantar Fasciitis one day and learned how important my feet are when I’m trying to walk. Up and down stairs was no problem because I could sit on my butt and transfer myself to the next step one at a time. It was a little slow and bumpy but it works. On the other hand, or perhaps the other foot, walking was virtually impossible.

I did manage to get to a chiropodist, foot doctor or podiatrist, whatever the proper name should be. I received a cortisone injection and a suggestion that I roll my foot on a frozen drink bottle. The frozen drink thing actually helped but its effects were short lived.

I am a bit scatterbrained once in a while, because finally, I remembered that I sold Curatron PEMF systems at www.curatron.com 

I did happen to own a Curatron 2000 XP and High Energy Coil “A” This combination would provide a 450 Gauss level of magnetic flux density. The results were amazing, within two to three days, I was walking well and within two weeks my foot was essentially normal again. This experience was over ten years ago and I have never had a recurrence. I doubt if everyone would have the same experience. We have sold systems to folks with Plantar Fasciitis over the years and they all had a similar experience to the one I had.


MLM Customers Beware – CAVEAT EMPTOR

MLM Customers Beware – CAVEAT EMPTOR

I have always disliked MLM (Multi Level Marketing) companies and now I have one more reason to dislike them.

I was astounded on May 3rd, that BEMER’s distributor policy does not allow product returns. I learned this from a customer who attempted to cancel his order for a BEMER before he received his unit. He told me that he placed his order for the BEMER over the phone and was offered the opportunity to become a distributor for the BEMER by paying $300.00 more at the time of order. What our prospective customer did not know was that a BEMER distributor does not have the same rights as a BEMER standard end user, the distributor does not have the right to return a product or cancel an undelivered order.

Our customer was proud that he had placed an order for a BEMER and bragged a little to a friend. His friend told him that he might have made an error. He told him that there are systems such as the Curatron available with much higher power and effectiveness. This resulted in a phone call to me, the customer said that he’d call BEMER, cancel the order and place an order with us. To his surprise he learned that he could not cancel his order and also that he would not be permitted to return the unit as he was a distributor.

I guess one really does need to check the fine print.

This post is actually being written on the day I learned of this issue but I have chosen to schedule it’s release on this blog until July 3rd to make sure that our customer and BEMER have a chance to work this out before this gets published.

For a discussion about intensity and power click on the image below or visit THIS PAGE



Spark Systems versus PEMF Systems

Spark Systems versus PEMF Systems

We consider the Curatron to be a full PEMF system in that it genuinely generates magnetic pulses rather than RF pulses, The PMT120 and others generate probably what can be called an RF pulse similar to those generated by Marconi, Tesla and others demonstrating early forms of radio communication. Marconi used a spark gap that would fire when the voltage across it was high enough to discharge across a preset air gap in the way that lightning occurs when a cloud’s voltage is so high that it has to discharge by creating a spark between the cloud and the ground.

Recall the famous drinking bird who recharges with water to cool himself down

Recall the famous drinking bird who recharges with water to cool himself down

Think of a spark gap and a capacitor in the same way that you would think of water flowing into a tipping bucket that tips and empties itself when the water level reaches a point when gravity takes over causing the bucket to tip. In the case of Marconi and others, they used a tuned circuit so the energy dispensed when their spark gap fired would generate a single frequency and its harmonics into an antenna. The spark systems are similar but there is no tuned circuit and the antenna is the coil or length of wire attached.

A true PEMF system creates a magnetic field caused by a high current in a coil like an electromagnet. PEMF systems are highly controllable. Spark systems generate a series of pulses. The pulse magnitude is dependent on the size of the capacitor (bucket) and the pulse frequency (time between pulses) is dependent on the firing point of the spark gap, basically a semi-controllable bolt of lighting. Maximum voltages in the Curatron system are very low, perhaps 100 Volts or so in comparison to tens of thousands of volts in a spark system where the voltages can reach 30 to 40 kV It’s the high current passing through coil(s) that generate magnetic energy.

It’s a shame that the spark systems use the PEMF name. They really should be called something else to differentiate them from PEMF machines. I remember when MRI machine technology was called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance). the word nuclear, scared everyone and the name became MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was born. Of course the word nuclear was used as it is the nucleus of the atoms in our bodies that was referenced, not nuclear energy.

Got Square Wave Gated Sine Wave Carrier Frequency? We have that!

Got Square Wave Gated Sine Wave Carrier Frequency? We have that!

Square Wave Gated Sine Wave Carrier Frequency

The wave form generated and the power or magnetic flux density of our applicators is what sets us apart from all the others.

The Curatron waveform is unique and very difficult to create. Other systems use simple waveforms such as a simple square wave, a simple triangle wave or a a simple sawtooth wave. Each of those do not provide a high slew rate, rate of rise or Speed of Induction that is all too important in the world of PEMF. (more…)

Shoulders, Rotator Cuffs, Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving

“I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company” (( The words of Victor Kiam when he bought Remington Products ))

In my case, “I liked the Curatron 2000 XP with the “A” Coil so much that I went out and bought myself a “B” Coil.

Canadian Thanksgiving Flag

Yeah, That’s me the author of this post and a co-owner of Amjo. It was October 11, 2011, this was day 283 of 2011.

It was Columbus Day and it was also Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Why do I mention that? Well I’m a Canuck and Cheryl and I went to Columbus on Columbus Day, which in itself seems ironic. We really went to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our daughters, Jody the one who lives in Columbus (She’s the JO part of our company name. Our other daughter Amy and family were also visiting from their home near Cleveland. (Amy is the AM part of our company name). If you’re curious then you can learn a little more about AMJO (( Amjo Corp is our Small Business based near Cincinnati Ohio. Amjo Corp opened its doors in May of 1998 )) at www.amjo.net.


1000 Gauss for less than $6,000.00

50% More In The Same Sized Box! Curatron 2000 XP-150 with the High

50% More In The Same Sized Box! Curatron 2000 XPSE with the High Energy Coil “B”

Create Magnetic Flux Density of 1,000 Gauss for less than $6K?

Sure! Why not?

It’s not as hard as you might think, if you know what to do and why to do it. It started a few months ago when I called Ben Philipson at Curatronic and asked him if there was a way to get 1000 Gauss from the Curatron 2000-XP? I already knew that when the XP was modified to add a data communications circuit board and some special software that the XP was transformed into a C-2000-PC and the Curatron 2000 PC could generate 1000 Gauss (100,000 μT ) with the Coil “B”.