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Bone Density Scan

Bone Density Scan

Our customers do not always share their bone density scans with us. Sometimes they do. Here’s some full documentation proof of more than 10% increase in bone density after only one year Curatron PEMF use!


See a scan copy showing 10% increase in density in just over a one year period.


We cannot say that these results are typical or if you will show similar results.

SWD, Short Wave Diathermy, R.F. Therapy vs PEMF

We get asked from time top time about the similarity and differences between PEMF or PEMFT and Diathermy, RF (Radio Frequency) Therapy and even MW (Microwave) Therapy.

Nonthermal_SWD_1The Actipatch, RecoveryRX and other similar devices are Nonthermal SWD devices. SWD is Short Wave Diathermy at 13.56 MHz or 27.12 MHz. These are not classified as PEMF devices. The makers are obviously trying to make you think they are PEMF devices as the Short Wave Diathermy has taken a lot of heat from the FDA and other medical reviewers.

PEMF, Pacemakers and Implanted Electronic Devices.

PEMF, Pacemakers and Implanted Electronic Devices.

I came across a post at the blog of Ben Philipson, the developer of the Curatron 2000 System. (Click Here For the Original Posting). Ben has extensive experience in this field and has been very helpful in teaching me about Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

What Ben Philipson says is:

“I am often asked “Can I use a PEMF device if I have a pacemaker or implant?”

The answer to this question is not straight forward and here follows some information about electromagnetic and static magnetic disturbance signals.

Many different frequencies and intensities are used in such devices, thus these warnings are in place because the resulting inducted intensities and frequencies are simply unpredictable.

PEMF devices powered by batteries, like bone growth stimulators, generate electromagnetic pulses (PEMF) with very limited energy levels. The energy generated during the pulsing time depends on the pulse width (= pulse duration) and pulse amplitude (like the volume on your radio) which form the amount of energy emitted during the pulse duration time.

Many makers of PEMF devices in their manuals, write that active implanted devices are contraindicated for use with pacemakers etc.

I suggest you read Ben’s Article at http://www.pemft.com/Pacemakers-in-pemf-therapy

My feelings on this are similar to those of Ben but I live in a country with many lawyers and litigators who would work till they died trying to prove that something we sold killed their patient. So let me be clear, I agree with Ben that I might use a Curatron 2000 system on my leg if I had an electronic implant in my chest BUT I WILL NOT AND CANNOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO THE SAME. This is a discussion that you should have with your doctor!

Osteoporosis – Dem Bones, Dem Bones


Curatron 2000 XP with Full Mattress

Interesting day here at Amjo. We just took an order for a Curatron 2000 XP from a woman suffering from osteoporosis and is seeking help. She happened to be reading Acupuncture Today Magazine and came across an article in the November issue entitled “Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem New Bones” written by David Rindge, DOM, LAc, RN where he’s discussing the treatment of an 88 year old woman with what he called bioelectromagnetic therapy. We call it PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.