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Magnetotron (Circa 1974)

Magnetotron (Circa 1974)

Sometime ago I was reading a letter from a satisfied Curatron customer who had upgraded from an older technology PEMF machine called the Magnetotron. I was amazed to find out that this device may still be in production. There are and have been several machines over the years that require the user to sit inside a coil rather than on a simple flat pad or mattress. These arcane devices are difficult to use and tend to generate weak magnic fields.

Simple Coil Field Lines

The older coil system such as that used by the Magnetotron coil generate localized fields inside the coil itself. Full body coverage without moving the coil is impossible.

The Curatron 2000 Full Body Mattress – Comfortable and easy to use.

Heavier folks find the coils to be difficult to get into and they can make one feel a little clausterophobic. Even MRI systems today are moving to Open MRI to reduce the feeling of being closed in and allow their systems to fit those wider folks who simply just don’t fit in the older MRI tunnels.

Modern Flat Coil Technology (Circa 2009)

Modern Flat Coil Technology (Circa 2009) – Imagine up to 400 Gauss in a 20″ x 28″ pad.

The Curatron is also available with high energy pad about 20″ x 28″ that delivers a 300 Gauss (400 Gauss in the PC model) induction level. This is unparalleled performance and is not available with any other system on the market today.